Nina earrings

A golden ring, zircons that shine like stars, and white mother-of-pearl. Nina has everything to seduce!

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  • Mini gold plated rings 3 microns encrusted with zircons
  • White mother -of -pendant

The rings are 1cm in diameter.

Note: The mother -of -pearls are natural, which explains that their shape and their color can differ from the photo.

Delivered in a Valencourt homemade pouch.

✨ What is a keshi?

The keshi is created when the oyster rejects the nucleus and is only formed with the small piece of graft (piece of the mantle of a pearl oyster).

Coming from the Pacific Ocean, this little wonder of nature is entirely made of mother-of-pearl .

Creating a keshi is unpredictable . Its size, color and shape are just the result of chance: this is what makes them so rare and precious.

✨ Gold plated

Gold plating consists of depositing 18-carat gold on the jewelry through the passage of an electric current. This method of electroplating, or also called electrolysis, can be repeated on the jewel in order to obtain varied thicknesses of gold on it.

In the jewelry industry the term used to quantify plating is micron which corresponds to one millionth of a meter. A single plating procedure will ultimately result in one micron equivalent gold plating. The standard in France is 3 microns.

✨ Gold filled

Developed in the United States, gold filled is a thick layer of 14-karat gold mechanically pressed or heat-applied to a brass base.

More resistant than gold plated, gold filled gives jewelry the noble appearance and the aesthetic and hypoallergenic characteristics of gold.

Visit our FAQs to find out how to care for your gold filled jewelry.

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