I was born in Paris and at the age of two, my parents decided to do the world tour and we embark on a sailboat. 

My father and mother gave me the most beautiful gift : the discovery of the world.

This is perhaps where Maison Valencourt was born : from these memories of travel, my feminine mother and my father's passion of art. 

The chance of the winds pushes us to the Marquesas Islands then to the Tuamotu, more exactly on the atoll of Apataki. My father works there as a diver in a pearl farm and I I grow in the middle of bags full of Tahitian pearls, and the Pacific lagoons.

We raise the anchor and headed to a larger island: Moorea. Then we dock in Tahiti for my college years. Finally at 17, I went for a sabbatical year in Costa Rica. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Paris - Tahiti : one way

In Paris, I got a master's degree in cinema. The capital is the catalyst for my creative impulses. I draw my artistic inspirations there, develop my aesthetic tastes there, find my graphic models there.

I started to sell my first creations on "Lîle de Ré"'s summer markets. We are very far from the success story, but the experience is enriching. 

Diplomas in my pocket, I return to Tahiti and start working on a side project: Valencourt house.

No rules is the rule !

Break the codes to explore new artistic dimensions. This is why Maison Valencourt's communication is intended to be direct and sexy, graphic and catchy advertising campaigns, very sensual, but always elegant.

"Forget all the rules!" How can we live if we don't change? »»

My creations can be wise or sassy. Like our body chains to exhibit or keep secret to stir up curiosity. You can play with the curves, the colors by layering our pieces. You can be whoever you want in Maison Valencourt.

Brand history