Solar and island luxury

For several years, Maison Valencourt has sublimated women in their daily lives with unique and resolutely contemporary creations. 

She breathes freedom and femininity into all her jewelry. The brand was built from a unique aesthetic signature and continues to reinvent itself.

The beginnings

At the origin of Maison Valencourt, there is a devouring passion for jewelry and the irrepressible desire to create beautiful for all women. 

From an improvised workshop at home, Tiana, boiling creativity, shapes and assembles her first earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. The exhibition lounges are linked and give life to this crazy dream. The Tiana jewelry brand was born before her eyes. 

Orders flock and deliveries tours are organized with the family. Everyone gets their hands in the dough. A slightly rock and roll management, but so exciting and euphoric.

Good fairies

The most beautiful stories are never written alone. The spark is there, there is only a slight breeze to

Tiana provokes luck and sends a selection of her creations to several Miss France. The magic of social networks follows up.

The cadence of the Home Made workshop is intensifying to satisfy all your desires, the jewelry of pearls and Keshis take off towards mainland France.


All this would not be possible without the fabulous photographer Kim Akrich which shoots the majority of creations.

Her talent, her vision of women, the aesthetics of her universe so close to Maison Valencourt make each collection An unforgettable artistic event

An idea of ​​assumed, sexy and elegant femininity, the Maison Valencourt woman comes out of the waters adorned with the most beautiful treasures in the ocean.

The brand ... Today ... Tomorrow ...

Everything has accelerated since the beginnings in resourceful mode. Today you are more than 17,000 has follow us on Instagram And thousands to visit our site. You are always more numerous at the rendezvous, faithful and impatient to know the rest. 2022 Brand The opening of our showroom And the opportunity to finally meet you in real life around our creations. 

The following ? Imagine the future in large! It is by targeting the moon that we end up in the stars, it seems, so we Let's continue to dream... so far it has succeeded rather well!

Create some PARKES FOR MODE, stage our pearls on clothes. Invent collections that agree with other subjects, other sensations. Explore a more artistic dimension by creating exclusive parts to exhibit. To dream of pop-up blinds Almost everywhere in Europe ...

The madness would be to no longer believe in his dreams, to no longer say "and if". Small them, protect them, make sure they never go out. And beware ... One day they could well come true.

The adventure continues thanks to you and with you!


Maison Valencourt is an ode to femininity celebrated every day. It is also a 100% female company, which since its creation has been run by creative and inspired women.

Tiana Valencourt

Founder of the brand and jewelry designer

Alexia Bordelongue

Community Manager

Florie Mong-Fock

Jewelry producer and seller